Great Instrument of Transformation

Great Instrument of Transformation
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Great Instrument of Transformation Great Instrument of Transformation Great Instrument of Transformation Great Instrument of Transformation Great Instrument of Transformation Great Instrument of Transformation

The Great Instrument of Tranformation (or Three Fold Flame) is a great Cosmic cleanser. It releases toxins, elliminates pollution, cleanses and repairs the system to its original natural state.

It has this name because it is a Tool that can bring about great changes. That purifies, strenghens and releases age-old negativity.

This instrument is made up of several parts, the 3 flames each have a hint of the colours pink, aqua blue and yellow, when turned very quickly the flames look violet - the colour of Cosmic Tranformation.

It helps:

  • Release fear from violence and abuse
  • With negative emotions like trauma
  • Works on the pollution in our body and the earth in our garden
  • Clears homes of chemicals, radiation and electro-smog
  • Enables the nervous system to maintain a better equilibrium when in contact with backround radiation eg near GM masts
  • Increases one's energy levels
  • Stengthens the body
  • Activates our self-healing process

Both the point of the Three Fold Flame,directed towards or to the side of the treatment area or the bottom "knob"  massaging the treatment area, can be used .

The Great Instument of Transformation movements is used similarly to that of a "blunger or eggbeater", where it is applied in twisisting and rotating movements above the afflicted area of the body at a distance of 10-40 cm or more.

This Tool can also be used for a gentle light-energy massage directly on the body, by massaging with the knob of the Flame. This form of massage intensifies it's soothing and healing effects.

If the centre of the head is gently massaged with the knob, it supports the opening of the seventh chakra ,which is located there.

Also if the reflex points of the feet are massaged gently with the knob, it sends love and light via the meridians to the afflicted organs for healing.

For the treatment of people:

Move the Tool over the area of the body that you wish to treat and say out loud the following affirmation:

"Perfection is the natural state. 

Light is triumphant"

For the treatment of surroundings:

Aim the point of the Tool toward the land or water and say the following affirmation out loud:

"Release the toxins!

Let all return to their natural state!

Light is triumphant"

Special note:

It is also possible to use The Great Instument of Transformation to treat the environment and food. The method is the same as for the massage, where it is used like a blunger or eggbeater ( please see above )

Another possibility is to use this Tool above geographical maps, buildings plans or places.