Seal of Genesis

Seal of Genesis
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Seal of Genesis Seal of Genesis Seal of Genesis Seal of Genesis Seal of Genesis Seal of Genesis Seal of Genesis

The Seal works in a similar way to the Cross of St. Germain. It protects the inside of the house, apartment, practices and other spaces. It also protects the flow of cosmic love and light and keeps away foreign energies and entities.

The Seal stands for:

  • Opening yourself to intuition and clarity of mind
  • Protection of spaces from negative influences
  • Bringing light and love into all aspects of our lives and being
  • Protection and leadership from higher dimensions
  • Encourages positive processes inside spaces and rooms
  • Supporting the letting go of foreign energies/ enteties and possessions

The Seal of Genesis is available in two colors: Gold(Full Breath) and Dark Violet.

The main use of the Seal is to protect the room and spaces, so  attach the Seal above the doorways or windows, either in the inside or outside.

To decide which window or door in your home  to place it above, just use your intuition.

To decide which colour also use your intuition or as follows-

  • the gold Seal is best used inside houses,flats or appartments
  • the violet Seal is best used inside practices or locations where therapy takes place

During the puberty phase of an adolescent, it should be hung inside their room above the door or window.

Placed under your pillow during sleep, it activates our connection to the wisdom of our hearts.