Ascension's Bridge

Ascension's Bridge
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Ascension's Bridge Ascension's Bridge Ascension's Bridge Ascension's Bridge Ascension's Bridge Ascension's Bridge Ascension's Bridge

The bridge stands for:

  • Openess and sociableness
  • Self-love and self-respect
  • Joy and vitality
  • Faith in oneself
  • Courage and faith in times of change
  • Understanding and forgiveness
  • Facing conflicts and accept opposites
  • Recognising the act of judging and letting go of it
  • Faith and belief in spirituality,a higher state of consciousness and inner assuredness

The Bridge cultivates the development of positive interpersonal relationships and relations and also makes us more aware of each other’s needs.

The Bridge helps us to find respect for ourselves and others, and supports us to let go of the old, negative emotional patterns.

The Bridge also helps to forgive and therefore enables reconciliation between people who keep on hurting each other. It also lets us see that arguments frequently only arise due to a lack of self-love and helps to heal existing wounds or scars.

The Bridge's task is to heal and bring together everything that is in connection with each other and in disharmony. This may be relationships, family relations, friendships or relations between parents and children, employers and employees, colleagues, pets and their owners etc

The Bridge consists of two parts, a masculine and a feminine part, their difference lies in the nature of their surface. One is chosen intuitively by one of the partners, the other partner takes the other part.

You then can do any of the following things:

  • Each person can carry their 'part' with them
  • Place one part on a photo of the person you wish to connect with
  • Place one part on a medicine whose information you wish to recieve
  • In theraputic sessions the Bridge may be placed directly onto the two areas to be connected,such as the left and right part of the brain or for example,another part of the body. It is also possible to connect and balance organs,bones,sinews and ligaments, etc