Ascension's Hope

Ascension's Hope
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Ascension's Hope Ascension's Hope Ascension's Hope Ascension's Hope Ascension's Hope

The Energy Wand - Hope:

  • Gives us more strength and energy
  • Builds up optimism and provides strength to deal with difficult situations and circumstances
  • Is an important tool to work through shock and trauma
  • Advocates inner calm
  • Provides a sense of security
  • Supports the will to heal
  • Helps us to build up confidence
  • Is a great aide to free ourselves from addictions and negative dependencies
  • Brings abundance and prosperity into our lives

The Ascension's Hope embodies the principle of abundance and fluidity. It is used wherever there is emptiness, blockages and lack of energy, on a material, physical or psychological level.

The greater the lack of energy, the greater the Hopes healing strength will be.

Examples of blockages-

  • a missed chance
  • shortage of love
  • low self-esteem
  • lack of money
  • loss of memory
  • Too little attention etc.

The Hope may be applied in therapy, in business and for personal use.

To balance one's energy or to gain energy, if there is a lack; one may hold the Hope in both hands for 5-10 mins.

You can also place the Hope under your bed to help with addictions and negative dependencies, and if you place it under your pillow at night it can relieve tensions in the shoulders and neck.

If buried in the ground, the Hope supports Mother Earth and aides the growth of plants.

Special note:

To experiment creatively on a material level, one can place the wand underneath empty order books, account statements, diaries or inside a wallet or underneath a till to attract abundance and prosperity.