Ascension's Flame

Ascension's Flame
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Ascension's Flame Ascension's Flame Ascension's Flame Ascension's Flame Ascension's Flame Ascension's Flame Ascension's Flame Ascension's Flame

The Flame- is the Tool to combat illness and pain!

On a physical level, helps:

  •  Lessen acute and chronic pain, tension or stiffness
  •  Pain in the bones, muscles or nerves
  •  Feeling of deafness or paralysis and poorly healed scars
  •  Flu-like infections, bronchitis, toothache
  •  Injuries, wounds, bruises

On an emotional level, helps:

  • Lessen rigid thought patterns
  • Lessen feelings of guilt
  • With fixed opinions and repetitive thought patterns which have a harmful impact on a person
  • Restrictive practices

 On a mental level, helps:

  • To lessen rigid thought patterns

Everything that is, is made up of energy. Our bodily, as well as our mental functions are made possible through energy.

The Flame from Ascension is a first aid Tool, whose light guides free energy flow inside our bodies, in doing so it improves the cell structure, which in turn encourages the body's healing process.

Our body is a highly intelligent system. Once we have lost our inner balance, we receive a sign in the form of either feeling unwell emotionally or physically or in form of a pain. This gives us a chance to "wake up", to recognize the imbalance and rectify it.

Through regular "light energy " massages using the Flame tool on the shoulders and the back of the neck; it is possible to loosen muscular tensions as well as feelings of guilt weighing us down. Furthermore the same massages applied softly above painful joints or along the spine, back, shoulders and back of the neck, helps loosen inner tension which can otherwise lead to deformations and hardening of the muscles and joints (eg; rheumatism, arthrosis, arthritis, slipped disc or lumbago)

In a light-energy massage aim the point of the Flame towards the area to be treated, .holding it at a distance of 10-20cm from the body, using circular and wavelike motions, do this for  10-15 mins at a time. 1-2 x daily.

If you want to do the treatment on your own body, to make it easier to reach the affected areas without stress or strain, you can also use the same techniques and motions on a photo of yourself.

If there is a strong pain during the treatment then hold the Flame further away from the body, about 40-60cm

If you are treating a stubborn ailment such as a tumor or arthritis, you can bring the Flame closer to the body

Special Note:

A daily light-energy massage of the teeth supports the wellbeing of the whole body, as stimulation of the teeth's reflex points connect to different areas in the body.