Tool of Calming

Tool of Calming
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Tool of Calming Tool of Calming Tool of Calming Tool of Calming Tool of Calming Tool of Calming Tool of Calming


The Tool of Calming S supports-

  • On a phycological level, to treat shock, trauma and inner pressure
  • On a physical level, to dissolve " jammed" energy and pressure ( For Example headaches, migraines, toothache, burns, heavy legs and problems with the lymph nodes)
  • On a material level, it increases positive vibration in food, vitamins, medicine, etc , as well as decreases negative vibrations.

The Tool of Calming is multifunctional. It cleanses, calms and at the same time gives strength. It helps with physical and emotional stress. Releasing congestion and swelling.

The slanted side (or the face) of the Tool of Calming radiates positive energy, the straight side and the bottom absorb negative information and change this into positive information using its own energy.

The Tool of Calming helps to release blocked energy and pressure such as headaches and migraines etc. And also,it helps to reduce tooth aches and pain caused by burns from a flame or hot water.
It neutralizes harmful frequencies from earth radiation or water veins

The Tool of calming can be used in both the material level and the energy field level.

  • Write down your wishes or goals and place them under the Tool of Calming
  • When taking medicine place the container behind the Tool of Calming before you start and the negative side effects will be greatly reduced
  • Place the medicine in front ,on the oblique side, and its efficiency will be increased
  • Place the medicine behind, on the straight side,and any negative side effects will be greatly reduced
  • you can do the above mentioned action with everything you wish to strengthen the efficiency of eg; food, vitamins, day and night creams etc
  • it has a cleansing effect when the base or straight edge is moved along the body

Regular energy massages in the area of the back of the neck and shoulders, applied in the form of "drawing out" have an unburdening effect on " what weighs us down'. It has a relaxing and soothing effect if used to treat headaches, toothaches, a jammed lymphatic system and other pressure pain.

The special energy massage in the form of "drawing out" consists of intuitive, "drawing out" movements, which lead away from the afflicted area of the body. It is important to use the bottom as well as the long side os the Tool of Calming S for this massage, not the slanted side! The massage is applied at a distance of 10-40cm away from the body.