Ascension's Voice

Ascension's Voice
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Ascension's Voice Ascension's Voice Ascension's Voice Ascension's Voice Ascension's Voice Ascension's Voice Ascension's Voice Ascension's Voice

Also known as the "Wishing Well" - makes it possible for dreams and wishes to come true, in addition to stimulating and accelerating healing on all levels.

It enables us to look deeper within ourselves, increase our comprehension of visible processes and leads us to more flexibility in our thought, opinions and behavioral patterns.

In fulfilling our dreams and wishes, the Voice takes on the task of a transmitter who translates wishes which have been spoken into it, into a code which can be understood by nature and therefore implemented

  • Let’s dreams and wishes come true
  • Leads to inner clarity and confidence
  • Connects to a higher state of consciousness
  • Opens the mind to go deeper inside oneself
  • Helps to overcome eye, ear and voice problems, for example hardness of hearing
  • Is a support to overcome problems of the musculoskeletal system
  • Is a link between children and their "spiritual parents"

A wish can be spoken directly into the Voice, formulated in a clear and articulate manner, or written on a note, which can be placed underneath the Voice.

Regular light-energy massages with the Voice tool, using the bottom of the crystal, applied to the face, around the eyes and ears, helps to cast light and let go of blocked energies and patterns, which have manifested either through conscious or unconscious "not wanting to see or hear"

Common symptoms of this are problems with eyes and ears, like short-or-long sightedness, cataract or hardness of hearing, etc.

The voice has a soothing and relaxing effect when used to treat colds, flu and sinusitis.

The 'light-energy" massage using the Voice, is applied by intuitive circling, flowing or swinging movements, with the bottom of the crystal at a distance of about 30-40cm above the afflicted area of the body. 1-2 daily 5-10min

If acute pain is present, the distance at which the massage is applied should be increased to 40-60cm.