Light of Faith

Light of Faith
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Light of Faith Light of Faith Light of Faith Light of Faith Light of Faith Light of Faith

The Light of Faith brings growth and force to life. It brings "Light" into our cells and reminds them of their perfect natural state. It regenerates cells and creates their healthy growth. Cells will be renewed and will become harmonious with the body.

The Faith stands for:

  • Vigour and a happy disposition
  • Vitality and energy
  • Increased health and wellbeing
  • Cell regeneration
  • Getting rid of addictions
  • Improving water and food
  • Anti-aging foe face,hands and skin
  • Clearing and healing the skin if skin problems are present
  • Enegized bath water
  • A new definition of cosmetics

The Faith crystal is an irreplaceable tool to gain vigor, cell regeneration and to dissolve blockages inside the body, it brings light into every cell and reactivates the memory of its original function. The cell's regeneration process therefore begins. Diseased cells renew themselves and re-establish a healthy harmony inside the body.

As with the other Ascension Tools, it is possible to use the faith to work directly on the body ,for example, through a light-energy massage.

To do this you make intuitive circling, rocking or wavelike movements with the bottom of the crystal, at a distance of about 30-40cm away from the respective body part that need healing.

1-2 x daily for 5-10 mins is sufficient

Energized Water

The Faith unfolds its strength and effect by placing it inside a jug of water overnight. The water then gains a special structure and is therefore able to take on the healing information the faith crystal is informed with. This water should be sipped throughout the day.

Water is the elixir of life - water is alive -
Water has a memory - water quality is not always the same.

Water is life - water has a memory and can pass on positive and negative vibrations. This is not an esoteric guess, but physically measurable and verifiable - evidenced by the research of renowned Japanese naturopath Masaru Emoto.
Water emerging from a source is equipped with its original information. The modern treatment, environmental influences and physical agents on its long journey to our faucet permanently change the molecular structure of water. The pure water and vital source, along with the energized water, presents different crystalline structures  to that of our treated drinking water. It tastes soft and mild and has better solubility properties and thus a better cleaning effect. An energy-perfect water contributes significantly to the well-being and the preservation of health.

Studies of plants in the vegetable and fruit cultivation and wine show this clearly. The Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto was the first who could identify the external influence of the water based on its impressive water crystal images. He also found that water could "read and hear".  Another first was a study at the University of Lisbon showing the inhibitory effect of energized water on the growth of cancer cells.

Water quality assessment:

The assessment of quality of Bovis (a frequency of vibrations with the name of the French physicist Antoine Bovis, 1871-1947) is to present a hypothesis about the biological quality of a given fluid. This method shows that the energy value, that is, the strength and vitality of a substance. In the case of water, the normal value is approx. 8500 UB (Bovis units). The greater the number of UB in water, more energy and more vivid is the same and is easier for the body to absorb the existing mineral water.

Water test, May 2009.
Bottles were tested in a still water of a well-known shopping center. During the night, these bottles were placed in the respective energizing bases.
Not energized: 6500 UB
Powering through a picture of water crystal "Truth" of M. Emoto> 9000 UB
Powering through a picture of water crystal "Luck" M. Emoto> 10,000 UB
Powering through the "Flower of Life":> 18,000 UB
Energizing with "Faith Ascension"> 26,700 UB

  UB = Bovis Units