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Chakra-Set Chakra-Set Chakra-Set Chakra-Set Chakra-Set Chakra-Set Chakra-Set Chakra-Set

The Chakra set - Instrument for all days

This instrument is like a daily caress, every day to soften our progress.

The goal is kindness, gentleness and harmony to make our process as comfortable (ie balancing the spiritual, emotional and physical health of the body) as possible.

The Chakras are the energy centers in the fields of subtle energy bodies. These energy-centers are linked to each other and have an influence on each other. The Chakra set is a creative force and works on all levels because the energy that it comes from is from the Guardians of the Flame .

The use of colors in these 8 Chakra Chakra wheels in this set, is a way to bring our energy centers into balance and strengthen and stimulate the healing process of our body. There is added an extra 'Chakra wheel' to support the process of spiritual development and connection with our spritual base.

The chakras can be divided into two parts. The first 3: supporting the lower (physical) features and the top: supporting the spiritual knowledge and connections. Yet all Chakras are important.

Chakra number 1: Root, or breech Chakra (red, bottom of the spine) - is very important to connect our earth and necessary to ensure the progress and cleaning of our system.

Chakra number 2: Sacral Chakra (orange, behind the sexual organs) - is the chakra of the energy of the body or sexual energy, vital for the balance between body and mind.

Chakra number 3: Navel chakra or solar plexus (transparent yellow, behind the navel) - connects the power and willpower and helps the connection between mind and body.

Chakra number 4: Heart Chakra (green, the middle of the chest) - is the Heart, connecting our spiritual experiences to our physical senses. Love, understanding, compassion and empathy.

Chakra number 5: Throat Chakra (blue throat) - to express ourselves in many ways and to determine the effect of our actions.

Chakra number 6: Third Eye Chakra (purple, above the eyebrow center) - to verkenen the spiritual, invisible worlds and creatures.

Chakra number 7: Chakra for spiritual connection (light purple, on the forehead) - the connection between the spiritual levels or heaven.

Chakra number 8: Crown Chakra (bright, located just above the head) - the wheel of clarity, our lower 7 Chakras connects to the higher chakras above.

The Chakra set is one instrument and not eight different instruments. Therefore it should be treated like one.

Prepare yourself after your workday to meditate , relax yourself and focus inward.

Lie down and place the chakra wheels on the corresponding colored chakra points on your body . Or take the whole foam inlay with all Chakra wheels from the box and place it on your stomach.

If you experience any discomfort with any of the chakras, you can put that corresponding wheel next to the body, not on it.
The recommended time to work with Chakras Set is 10-20 minutes. Then you should take some time for yourself, to track changes and / or emotions.

You can also put the Chakras Set during the day on a photograph.

The Chakra set can be supported  with the Flame or the Great Instrument of Transformation ( 3FF ) ,to do this  move either one of the tools on top of the Chakra set in a circular motion for no more than 5 minutes.