Ascension's Light Blue

Ascension's Light Blue
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Ascension's Light Blue Ascension's Light Blue Ascension's Light Blue Ascension's Light Blue Ascension's Light Blue

The energetic quality of the Ascension Light -blue colour is the support of inner peace and harmony, even if it seems everything around you has become chaos.

It encourages independence, decisiveness and self reliance and supports us to be authentic.

Properties of the blue "Light":

  • Strengthens self-discovery, insight and serenity
  • Gives confidence to cope with tasks we are set
  • Helps to balance inner and outer peace
  • Enforces consciousness, trust and wisdom
  • Inspires to achieve our goals
  • Incites us to make the necessary decisions

Ascension’s Light Blue ( Ray 1)

Trust, self-confidence, trust in your own strength, power and skills, trust in outside help, trust, release yourself from fears, clarify thought structures, reprogramming the mental body, its connection to the blue ray of creation, the first ray.

Deep reconciliation with everything there is, getting back to the original trust, freeing yourself from fears. The special energy of the Blue Light supports the adjustments of the frequencies in our light body to higher levels through the reprogramming of our mental body. It works in the deepest levels of our soul and promotes the balance of male and female thought patterns. This gives us the opportunity to recognize the background of our emotional reactions more quickly and to better estimate shadow and imaginary worlds in the personal subconscious.

  • cleaning, reprogramming the mental body
  • frequency increase of the light body
  • brings the mind and intuition into harmony with the soul
  • strengthening the connection with the soul and the true being
  • in contact with the divine vibration
  • self-knowledge and honesty towards its own shadow sides, so as to no longer be a victim of external circumstances
  • remembering your own power, strength and your own courage
  • develop willpower and dynamic power, implement a plan, implement a vision
  • self-responsibility and reconciliation with all that is peace, balance and inner peace

The blue Light, its connection to the blue ray of creation and the chohan / keeper of the blue ray, Ascended Master El Morya

The blue Light and the blue creative ray (first ray)

The blue creation ray is managed by Ascended Master El Morya and supervised by Archangel Michael. His aspects are God's will, intellectuality, faith, power, power, protection, trust, divine order, obedience, intuition, decisiveness, discernment. This radius has a reference to:

  • to Sunday, to the zodiac sign of lion, to the sapphire gem
  • to the throat chakra (voice, mucus, throat infection)
  • the cosmic law of energy, of light
  • and is the manifestation of peace

El Morya Chohan / keeper of the blue creation ray and the energy of the ray

El Morya represents the ray of divine will and power and leads us to ourselves and to our original trust. Because only trust can create courage. The courage to try something new without being perfect in it, the courage to speak things out, to talk, to take the necessary steps to implement a plan, a vision, to discover the world curiously again and to get up when we have fallen. The energy and power of the blue

ray open us to inner clarity, to know what is good for us and we experience a stronger connection with our soul and our true being. It is easier for us to recognize our life plan and act accordingly.

The power of El Morya reinforces our own intuition to get a realistic assessment of events and people, and to see more easily who we can trust and which decision can lead to problems.

The promotion of self-knowledge and honesty toward oneself in relation to one's own shadow is another aspect of him that allows us to perceive the natural order of creation, as well as its deviation in one's own life, to get you back in to bring divine order and to relax in situations of chaos and stress, to find new structures. We become aware more quickly where we are making victims of external circumstances so that we can change this.

Where excessive pride, strong egoistic traits, idiosyncratic features such as hunger for power, exaggerated ambition, urge for harmony and perfectionism or impatience still hinder us from living our light-filled being that we are, El Morya with the blue ray helps to recognize this and to transform.


The pureness of thought- the center of our daily lives- a special mirror to our soul

The Ascension's Lights are a holy symbol, which has been worn by masters of many traditions and schools.  They symbolize a six pointed star, which consists of two triangles. The outer triangle embodies the three great rays, which are:

  • the rays of knowledge
  • The rays of love
  • The rays of purity

The inner triangle embodies the center in which creation commences.

The wearing of the Light activates our divine light, through which we may experience increased harmony, love and contentment within ourselves and our surroundings. They put us into a position from which we are able to see a greater connection between things and help us to reach decisions more easily.

The lights enable us to recognize a higher goal in life; they help us to open up to higher dimensions and to bring spirituality into our daily lives.

All four colors of the Ascension's Lights (blue, rose, light violet, gold) are our own personal gateway to the 5th dimension and higher dimension.

The distinct and unique shape of the light comes without an attachment, but can be worn on a chain or leather strap or with a special, handmade spiral (see accessories) available in silver or gold plated.

  • You can also place it under your pillow at night
  • Put it on a photo of yourself
  • Carry it in your pocket

   In therapy sessions it is placed directly on the body. Together with other Ascension instruments, you can further enhance their properties