Heart pendant aqua

Heart pendant aqua
Price: 23.00€
Heart pendant aqua Heart pendant aqua Heart pendant aqua Heart pendant aqua

The Aqua Heart Pendant is a "must" for children and the Inner Child. This pendant will stimulate more consciousness and growth, enabeling the wearer to act and speak from the heart.

This color is the favorite for children (and the Inner child) to stimulate them to a healthier development in growth and the learning processes. It gives a more balanced development of ones character. These children can play, be cheerful and excited, as children can and should be.

  • Helps us to accept and feel accepted
  • Supports the unfolding of our own spirituality
  • Helps us to create happy and colourful lives full of light
  • enables us to feel our inner child
  • Helps children to find and develop their personality

Each person is unique , distinct and has an extraordinary inner beauty.

The great feature of these hearts is its magical power to make us accept and live this. They help us to return to trust the voice of the heart and strengthen our capacity to love and accept people and situations to the level of our heart .

Its bright and shiny energy helps to combine intuition to mind.

The Hearts allow us to dream again , reveal and relieve old aches and help us to express our true " I " . They prepare us for understanding and forgiveness, intuition and guidance from higher levels.

Its energy brings warmth and harmony to our interpersonal relationships and helps us to enjoy life in all its splendor and joy.


Ascension's jewellery is wellness for the soul- A permanent gift

The pieces of jewellery we have chosen to wear as a constant companion, establishes an energetic connection with us. Though continuous wear or use on our bodies, the jewellery gives off pulses of light, which influences our energy system, our emotions, our psyche and our bodies, through which healing may develop.

Each of these exclusive jewels from Ascension is fitted with a special silver attachment hook.

You can also wear them inside one's trouser or shirt pocket.

Or place it on a personal photograph.