Light of Knowledge - Pink

Light of Knowledge - Pink
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Light of Knowledge - Pink Light of Knowledge - Pink Light of Knowledge - Pink Light of Knowledge - Pink Light of Knowledge - Pink

The powers of this pink Light of Knowledge pyramid are generated by it's renewing and gentle character. The pyramid activates our emotional heart and harmonizes us ,it helps reduce pain of broken love affairs or from relationships that have tormented us.Love,warmth,joy,forgiveness.

By giving more awareness to matters of the emotional heart,a better understanding is created.

  • Activates love, cordiality and joy
  • Helps to show our feelings and accept feelings from others
  • Helps to "see" with the heart and to understand
  • Gives courage if the heart has been hurt, in love affairs and disappointments
  • Assists us to let go of the past and be authentic
  • develops inner and outer harmony
The pink Pyramid cooperates wonderfully with the pink Heart - as pendant or earrings - and the pink Ascension's Lights. It also works effectively combined with the Hope.


The pyramid is called "The Light of Knowledge" and brings harmony and peace in any space or room, eg. in the home, living room, bed room or at work ,in your office, on your desk, or in a shop. They do not only harmonize people and animals but also inanimate objects in a room like chairs etc

They therefore improve the whole atmosphere at home or at work, and not only people, but also animals as a matter of course will communicate better amongst each other.

Because of this overall harmonization the Pyramid also effects geopathical charges,and electro-smog from electrical equipment like computers, TV's, screens etc.will be effected positively . (also can be used in conjunction with Tool of Caming XL,see "How to use") 

Due to its calming and harmonizing effects in the rooms ,working circumstances improve very quickly. Communication, understanding, and better tolerance is experienced. Within the individual, negative memories becomes balanced and healing is influenced positively, tensions in the head are minimized, sleeping gets better,  a positive effect on every one.

 Also in schools and kindergartens the pyramids have positive effects. Classes with difficult children became more quiet, children more balanced and teachers more inspired to do their work.  

Properties of all Light of Knowledge - pyramids, regardless their colour;

  • creating harmony and ease in the atmosphere at home and at work.
  • bringing peace and calm in tense situations
  • make us joyfull and glad
  • enhancing clearness and intuition
  • bringing succes and wellbeing to entreprises
  • aiding concentration and inner peace.
  • bringing structure in our personal life and work, without rigid concepts.
  • stimulating cooperation, flexibility
  • Our sorrows are brought into perspective and this makes us sleep better.

The pyramids are available in six different colours. The different colours are for different personal processes or aspects.

 For further properties of the Pyramid click onto the sub-catagories then the colours .

The most effective place for the Light of Knowledge pyramid is as high as possible and in the centre of the room, but you can also place it on a cabinet, desk or table.

  • To achieve a harmonious room climate,place the Pyramids at eye level or a little higher
  • to treat insomnia or other sleep related problems the Pyramids should be placed a little higher than the person lying down,just above the bed.
  • The Pyramids may also be placed on photographs or geographical maps.
  • Written out wishes may be placed underneath them
  • They may be placed directly onto the body
  • They may also be used to work inside our own energy field
  • They may be placed on a conference table or your desk at work

You can also combine this with  the Tool of Calming, this enlarges the pyramids effect laterally.

In therapy sessions the pyramid can be taken in the hand and moved above the body part being treated or above and around the head. If the therapist does not use it during the session, it is enough just to place the pyramid in the room. The pyramid will harmonize and clean energies freed during the sessions and all kind of information left behind in this room after the sessions.

Below is a small example of positive uses;

  • Place the Light of Knowledge pyramid on your photo, you will receive constant support during the day.
  • Together with the Tool of Calming they have a positive effect on migraine  
  • The pyramid together with the Great Instrument of transformation and the Seal of Genesis will built up a strong barrier against negativity and entities.