Light of the Stars - Violet

Light of the Stars - Violet
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Light of the Stars - Violet

Light Violet Celestial star

This Pyramid is from the new generation of Light crystal pyramids.

The Light Violet pyramid is not in competition with its siblings, which are also known as the “Light of Knowledge”, but work together in energizing a room and allowing us to connect and absorb higher vibrations in our energy system. It opens and builds a steady light channel which gives our higher self, the opportunity to come “down” to Earth.

This new generation pyramids task is to connect to the Divine in us, opening the door to the Angelic Realms, supporting us to resolve our fears on a spiritual level and to see ourselves and fellow human being as we are, connected in the universe with divine love.

Touching, like this, our spiritual conscience, we then can integrate this more into our lives, day to day, hour to hour, nothing fancy, just basic living from inner peace.

The Light Violet Celestial star-

  • Helps to ground the higher self in us, to live in wisdom and higher consciousness
  • Aids in focusing our transformation on a deeper level, balancing our light bodies
  • Works on any inner emotional clashes you are experiencing
  • Tempers selfishness by exposing our Ego
  • Helps us to learn to use our intuition as well as our intellect
  • Is the a magical center for Transformation in all of us

When ordering this beautiful pyramid you will also receive the corresponding “Seven Lotus Realization Meditation” leaflet.

Seven Lotus Realisation Meditatation

1. Sit down in a quiet place and make sure no one can disturb you. Switch off your phone and computer, focus on your breath.

2. Take the Light Violet Celestial Star in your hand, if possible with the Violet Light on top of it.

3. Let your hands rest on your lap with the Celestial Star in your palms. Imagine from the top of it a first lotus flower is opening, it is sparkling, lively. It is filled with light, from light pink to light violet. The shape and petals are clearly visible. The first lotus flower opens the way to another level of consciousness, it works as a curtain.

4. Watch it and wait until the curtain moves and can open. As the curtain moves, from the heart of this lotus flower another, even bigger lotus flower is born, becomes visible. This lotus flower sparkles brighter than the first one, the colour pink becomes more transparent, whiter. Your feelings are opened, the heart can be touched.

5. From the heart of this lotus flower the third lotus rises and sparkles even more. The petals become more transparent, the colours even whiter.
This new level of consciousness opens your third eye and begins to prepare your spirit to “meet” your soul. The soul is offered more possibilities to directly touch your human spirit.

6. From the heart of this third lotus flower the fourth lotus shows itself. This lotus is even more a light body than a physical body. The lotus becomes more sparkling and light, the pink colour seems to disappear. The petals seem to evaporate and you become aware of light beings around you, like angels and spirits of nature.

7. Already the fifth lotus flower shows itself from the heart of the fourth. This one is more than 2/3 light and so transparent that angels of all kind and archangels are flowing in and out. This level is almost pure light, almost blinding.

8. The sixth lotus appears over all others and is reigning over the previous levels. Now you can see how divine lights sparkle without any obstacles. The lotus is almost pure light now, the shape is almost invisible. Sparks of divine light can show themselves. You can allow them to touch you.

9. The seventh lotus appears. Any form has left. Vaguely, the remembrance of its form is still present, but it does not play a role anymore. It is all light. Angels, archangels, all are present in harmony, dynamically involved in their message. Everything is pure in the light. After this lotus no obstacle, no object, no physics are in the way of the light. All is harmony.

10. This is where the Light Violet Celestial Star can carry you.
Store this in your system and step by step go down from the seventh lotus, to the sixth and so on. After having reached the first lotus go into the Celestial Star, through the bottom and connect to the earth. Know how enlightened you are.
Touch the world, objects around you and know that your touch nourishes everything around you.
This is how it feels to enjoy His Creation. Be grateful.